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Remote maintenance of computers is becoming increasingly important when it comes to supporting hardware and software. With the ever increasing networking of computers over the Internet, the possibilities of direct support in support are expanding. Not least because of the savings on travel costs and the better use of resources, remote maintenance products are used to reduce costs in companies.

Remote maintenance programs enable the remote service technician to carry out actions directly on the computers to be serviced. Keystrokes and mouse movements are transmitted. The service technician sees the screen output on his own screen remotely over the functioning Internet.

With the Teamviewer remote maintenance software that I use, both participating partners can work on a computer at the same time or check or optimize configurations.

After making an appointment for a remote maintenance session, I call you and we install a client version of Teamviewer. Then I log on to your PC, you and I see everything in the team on your computer at the same time and I explain to you what settings I change or optimize. After the session, I log out of you by deactivating the software, disappear from your PC, so to speak, and then cannot get back to your PC unless you explicitly allow it by reactivating the Teamviewer software. A discreet and fair thing.

The following free software is available for download here: