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What does backup mean?

Backup means data backup, namely the backup of all data created by a PC user. This is not just the data in the OWN FILES folder, but also email address books, emails, favorites, bookmarks and all other individual program data. After a computer crash, the PC can easily be restored using CDs and DVDs, but only then does the user notice that the data is missing and years of work have been lost. Therefore, you should proactively make an automatic backup regularly while the computer is still running and four-color.

How do I make a backup?

A “manual” backup is not really regular, since only some data changes and many do not. It is better to have a program that regularly and automatically compares the data on the computer (source) and the external USB hard drive (target) and then only backs up the new and changed data. A so-called “incremental” backup only takes a few minutes.

Let us help you with the backup !!!

As a backup specialist, I myself have written a small free program routine that you can use to carry out automated backups yourself after setting up.

I strongly recommend all users to have their data backed up regularly and automatically on a USB hard drive. I will show you how you can do this easily and also provide you with the materials.

If there are no backups, your data must be laboriously restored in the workshop after a disaster on your PC or notebook.